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Cassie James Holdsworth, Vice Chair

was a young girl involved with DIA when the proposal was written for what now is called ‘Liberty Resources.’ She felt a strong need for an Independent Living movement, since most of what she knew about being disabled, she learned from other disabled people. She has been involved with ADAPT for 30 years. Most of her work experience was at Liberty Resources. She was working at Action AIDS when Bob Michaels asked her to return to LRI to develop clustered living. Later, Cassie served as the Director of CIL Services and, later, as the Director of National Policy. Due to health issues, she has since stopped working. Cassie continues to support the CIL by serving on the Board of Directors and aims to attend one national action a year with ADAPT. She continues to learn much of what she needs to know from the Disabled Community. “I love working with the newer Activists, as I know the future is in their hands. “

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